Why Us?

We are focused on matching companies with professionals who share their purpose and values in addition to fulfilling job skills. This approach has direct financial benefits to our clients by reducing hiring and turn-over costs; but most importantly, our methodology creates a loyal workforce because the candidates we place actually enjoy what they do and the companies they work for. 

This is especially important in today's job market because Baby Boomers are exiting the workforce in large numbers and creating a gap at the Senior and Leadership levels. A Brookings study shows that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials and according to another study by Enviable Workplace, they choose their jobs based on the future employer's purpose.

The cost of replacing one employee is estimated to be between 150-400% of the departing employee's annual salary (Inc Magazine). Adding to that fact, over 95% of companies admit to hiring the wrong candidates every year (Fast Company Magazine and Glassdoor). 


All of these facts combined, make hiring skilled candidates who will connect with your company at a deeper level, an extremely valuable asset to help you in achieving your goals.

We employ a number of data driven tools, as well as our years of expertise to find the top pre-screened professionals for each position. We make it easy for our clients to grow their business by bringing the best candidates for the company, not just for the job.

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The Game Changer


Executive Search

Our experienced team specializes in placing Executives in Senior and C-Level positions. We have an extensive network of professionals that enables us to have access to both active and passive candidates.

Retained Search

A meticulous and focused search process at a highly discounted fee. This is the most affordable way to fill positions without compromising the quality of candidates or services received.

Contingency Search

We provide you with highly skilled talent even for the most difficult jobs to fill. Give us a try!


Job opportunities

Sr. Accoutant

Atlanta, GA

Finance Leader

Atlanta, GA

Operations Manager

Atlanta, GA

Rock Hill/Columbia Area, SC

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Job Seekers

Found is always looking for great candidates. If you are currently in the job market, or are considering a change in the near future, please send us your resume by clicking on the button below.

We will be in touch when we have an opportunity that matches your experience and career goals.


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