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Found Services

With an extensive network and global expertise, we focus our recruitment matching services for roles at the following levels. 

Executive Roles

C- Level, President, Vice President, Board Members 

Director & Management Roles

Director, Manager & Assistant Manager, Program and Project Managers, and other leadership roles

Other Professional & Specialty Roles

Specialty, government, or non managerial, high level professional roles such as Product Owners, Creative Roles, Technology, STEM, Data Science, IoT and others

We continuously build and vet our database of talented professionals, and match them with companies that share mission and ideals.
We offer our recruitment services under either contingency or retained search basis.
In a contingency search, you pay a percentage fee upon the successful completion of a search, typically when your new employee starts. You do not enter into an exclusive contract here.
In a retained search model, you enter into an exclusive agreement with us to represent the external search for your ideal candidate. You pay a small fee upfront, that covers our initial investment, and then the remaining upon the successful completion of the search. These types of searches normally come at a discounted rate compared to our contingency rate.
Every company is different and each role is unique. Contact us to discuss whether contingency or retained search works best for your particular job.
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